The Famous Sound of Three Blind Mice -
180-gram 2-LP Set

Various Artists

MSRP: $54.99 USD
Pre-Order Now! Available: Early 2018

1. Aquamarine - Isao Suzuki Trio + 1
2. Midnight Sugar - Tsuyoshi Yamamoto Trio
1. Midnight Sunrise - Tatsuya Takahashi and Tokyo Union
2. The Lady is a Tramp - Ayako Hosokawa
3. La Fiesta - Toshiyuki Miyama and The New Herd
1. The Way We Were - Yama & Jiro's Wave
2. When a Man Loves a Woman - Takahashi Mizuhashi Quartet
3. Alone Together - Masaru Imada and George Mraz
1. Misty - Tsuyoshi Yamamoto Trio
2. Willow Weep for Me - Shoji Yokouchi Trio + Yuri Tashiro

Ten of Tee Fujii’s favorite Three Blind Mice tracks, including “Misty” and “Aquamarine,” have been freshly remastered and finally available for the first time on Impex Records’ deluxe 180-gram LP. Tsuyoshi Yamamoto, Isao Suzuki, Ayako Hosokawa, Shoji Yokouchi, and other popular TBM musicians showcase their artistry and passion for jazz under the guidance of Fujii-san and engineer Yoshihiko Kannari. Impex’s 2-LP set is placed in a special gatefold jacket and features heavy board backing, new art and special finishes for a truly bespoke audiophile package. This collection of the greatest TBM tracks in one place makes this The Collector LP of 2017! Limited to 3,000 individually numbered pressings, the famous sound of Tee Fujii won't be the same when they're gone.